Welcome to your LNUComplexFire-2020 Survey

In order to try and do better we would like to hear from you.  The GVFSC is here for you and with that in mind we want to convey to the officials what could have been done better.   This survey is anonymous so please be as open as possible with your answers.

In August 2020 during the LNIUComplexFire were you evacuated?
If you had a mandatory evacuation, did you leave your home?
What do you think could have been done better?Evacuation procedures, communications, shelters, assisting handicapped or elderly....
What in your eyes do you think was done well?
Email Address (optional)Depending on response volume we may summarize the results and provide a report.  Providing your email address will allow us to provide the report to you.  Your information will not be shared.