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Stay informed

Be sure to stay informed. contains Calfire resources, our action plans as well as other documents of interest. Please sure to drop in and check them out. Also be sure to sign up for email notifications for when we update the site.

What can I do?

A little prevention can go a long ways. While we are still in cooler weather now is the time to take action. If you are a do it yourself type like my wife and I then you can take action now and be prepared for the upcoming fire season. For instance you could: Remove dead …

Why does Green Valley need a fire safety council?

Well if you were living in Green Valley in 2017 you might remember the almost week long evacuation we had to undergo. A week filled with fear, chaos, concern and ultimately relief. Some of us went to hotels, some to friends or family, quite a few to Solano Community College, and even some just stood …