What can I do?

A little prevention can go a long ways. While we are still in cooler weather now is the time to take action. If you are a do it yourself type like my wife and I then you can take action now and be prepared for the upcoming fire season. For instance you could:

  • Remove dead or unnecessary brush, trees or other plantings.
  • Oleanders love to burn, if they are too close to the house or any structure, chop them down. If you don’t dig up the roots, they will be back.
  • Manzanita trees fall into the same category as oleanders. At a minimum ladder them up and cut off all dead branches.
  • Ladder up all of the trees within proximity to your house. Branches should be high enough that you can walk under them but even higher is better. This helps prevent a ground fire from quickly climbing up a tree.
  • If you have a lot of oak trees like we do you might have a lot of dead branches on them. Best to cut these away.
  • Rake up fallen dried out leaves. These make great kindling for a spark to start a ground fire.
  • And of course dispose of all of these cuttings. Piling them up on your property to decompose will only give a potential fire another place to start.

The goal here is to make your property as Fire Safe as possible. Removal of dry, dead vegetation can go a long way in fire prevention.

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