Why does Green Valley need a fire safety council?

Well if you were living in Green Valley in 2017 you might remember the almost week long evacuation we had to undergo. A week filled with fear, chaos, concern and ultimately relief. Some of us went to hotels, some to friends or family, quite a few to Solano Community College, and even some just stood their ground and stayed home. Now I don;’t know about you but I am in no hurry to relive that ordeal again, and if I do I would like to make the chances of coming back to a standing home much better chances. So what can the GVFSC do for the valley?

  • Assess properties with Cordelia Fire District and Cal-Fire and make suggestions to homeowners.
  • Apply for state grants to assist us with our cause such as evacuation guides, upkeep and expansion of the firebreak created in 2017.
  • Assist homeowners that are unable to rectify any property cleanup needs.

The GVFSC committee meets the first Monday night of each month at the Cordelia Fire station on Cordelia Road. However due to Covid-19 we have resorted to virtual meetings over video conference. If you or anyone you knows is interested in being involved feel free to contact me at [email protected] or Rochelle Sherlock at [email protected].

Stay safe and healthy.

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